Product Updates • July 30, 2023

Empower Your Business with Surveys & Polling: Collect Insights, Drive Growth, and Delight Customers with AutoPilot

Understanding your audience’s preferences and opinions is the key to success. AutoPilot's Surveys & Polling feature puts the power of audience feedback in your hands, giving you the tools to gather invaluable insights and drive data-driven decision-making. Below are a few ways to use Surveys & Polling.

Harness the Voice of Your Customers: Create Custom Surveys Effortlessly

With AutoPilot's Surveys & Polling tools, you have the ability to craft customized surveys that align perfectly with your business objectives. Whether you seek feedback on products, services, user experience, or anything in between, our platform empowers you to ask the right questions and gather invaluable insights from your customers.

Real-Time Feedback: Instantly Access Actionable Insights 

Time is of the essence, and AutoPilot understands the need for real-time feedback analysis. Our platform provides you with instant access to survey results, enabling you to identify trends, spot opportunities, and address issues promptly. Make data-driven decisions that keep your business ahead of the curve and your customers delighted.

Engage Your Audience with Polls: Spark Interactive Conversations 

Beyond surveys, AutoPilot's Polling feature allows you to engage your audience in interactive conversations. Create polls to gather quick opinions, preferences, or feedback on trending topics, products, or services. This dynamic approach fosters meaningful connections with your audience while empowering them to actively shape your offerings.

Measure Customer Satisfaction: Strengthen Loyalty and Retention 

Happy customers are loyal customers. AutoPilot's Surveys & Polling features let you measure customer satisfaction levels, identify pain points, and uncover areas for improvement. By understanding and addressing your customers' needs, you can build lasting relationships that foster loyalty and drive repeat business.

Recognizing Excellence: Streamline Award Nominations

In addition to gathering feedback from customers, AutoPilot's Surveys & Polling features can be a powerful tool for managing award nominations and recognitions. Whether you run an organization, event, or online community, conducting surveys to collect award nominations enables you to identify outstanding individuals or businesses deserving of recognition. With AutoPilot's easy-to-use survey creation and distribution capabilities, you can efficiently gather nominations, review submissions, and make well-informed decisions when honoring exceptional achievements. By harnessing the power of Surveys & Polling for award nominations, you not only showcase appreciation for excellence but also foster a sense of community and inspire others to strive for greatness. Let AutoPilot streamline your award nomination process and celebrate the shining stars within your industry or community.

Sign Up and let AutoPilot build your website with advanced Surveys & Polling capabilities. Collect invaluable insights, make data-driven decisions, and delight your customers with a seamless experience that drives business growth like never before.

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